Management Liability Insurance


A simple act or error in managing your business can be enough to cause a financial loss to you or your company. Even if you think that a claim has no basis or merit, it will still cost time and money to defend successfully.

Without the protection of management liability insurance, businesses can face heavy losses or even closure of their businesses.

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Cover Summary

Employment Practices Liability
Unfortunately even the best HR practices cannot always prevent claims against your company by employees. And they can be expensive to resolve.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance is available in conjunction with Vero Profins Directors and Officers Liability Insurance policy. It protects your organisation against actual or alleged claims for employment related matters such as:

  • wrongful dismissal, discharge or termination of employment
  • wrongful failure to employ or promote
  • sexual or workplace harassment (including the creation of a workplace environment conducive to such harassment), and
  • wrongful discrimination.

Personal Shareholdings
protection for directors personal shareholdings in their privately held company.

Directors & Officers Liability
cover for Claims made against the directors, executives and employees alleging a Wrongful Act.

Company Reimbursement
cover for the Company for indemnity it provides to its directors or officers for Claims made against them alleging a Wrongful Act.

Company Liability (Entity Cover)
cover for Claims made against the Company alleging a Wrongful Act.

Superannuation Trustees Liability
cover for Claims alleging a Trustee Responsibility Breach in respect of the staff superannuation fund.

Crisis Containment
cover for the costs of retaining a crisis management consultant to contain a crisis which threatens the Company.

Fidelity Guarantee
cover for Direct Financial Loss suffered by the Company resulting from the fraudulent or dishonest acts of its Employees.